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Two episodes enter. One leaves.

Jan 30, 2020

Are you ready to ROCK?! Well, we are...sort of! Before we get to best concert episodes this week we discuss Sex Education season two, the penultimate episode of The Good Place (spoilies!), and the time capsule that is the OC soundtrack. Then we pit an old fave and a newbie against each other for Best Concert: 


Jan 23, 2020

This week the TV BBs are talking about their very favorite TV school plays. These episodes definitely put the "drama" in "drama class."



Pretty Little Liars 1x18 "The Badass Seed" (Feb. 21, 2011; ABC Family/Freeform)


My So-Called Life 1x17 "Betrayal" (Jan. 12, 1995; ABC)


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Jan 16, 2020

This week we look at that awkward time when people who aren't straight have to announce to everyone what their sexuality is. Fun! (Or..not). It's the coming-out episode! This episode has a brief look at the history of gay characters coming out on TV, and a discussion of two recent episodes that give us some much-needed...

Jan 11, 2020

We're back with our coverage of the most notable TV shows of the 2010s, as well as our favorites. Part 2 covers the years 2015 through 2018. We'll be back next week with our regular format! 


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Jan 9, 2020

The TV Ladies are at it again. This time, it's the best of the past decade. We talk about all things TV from 2010-2014 in the first installment of our two-part series on the most influential TV shows of the 2010s. Look out for Part 2 sometime this weekend!


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